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You are a Complete Package!


You are a complete package of all the qualities one should possess to deliver and run a successful software product.

Anand Ghaywanker

Global Logic

It was a pleasant experience working with you.

My main expectation and goal was to build my brand and help me get more engagement and following for my page : to enhance my profession. You did a commendable job starting with designing a logo; creating insta page ; making my bio etc. that resonated with my social media target audience.

You brought some uniformity to my posts that goes well with my overall aesthetic and messaging and created nice highlights for me to categorise my stories. I am pretty happy with the overall turnout (enhancing my page’s viewership and likes )wherein apart from the above you also tried to get me target audience to follow me .
Thank you 😊

Meghana Mehta

Paranyama - Yoga | Meditation | Breathwork